New Emission Laws are Coming - We Are Ready!

We are ready! All Evinrude Etec models meet and exceed the proposed Australian Emission Standards so there will no changes to range of outboards currently offered through the Australian Dealer Network. Read below some frequently asked questions on the proposed standards. 

  • What do the proposed Emission Standards mean?
    • The Australia Government is working to reduce air pollution by introducing emission standards for non-road spark ignition engines & equipment including outboard engines for boats. The new Emission Standards will restrict supply and importation of new engines/equipment that don’t meet the proposed standards. The standards will be in line with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and equivalent international standards e.g. CARB, EU. Outboards that meet any of these governing bodies emission laws will be compliant in Australia.

  • Which Evinrude products meet the proposed Emission Laws?
    • All Evinrude Engines meet and exceed the proposed emission standards not only in Australia but around the world.
  • How do Evinrude Products meet and exceed proposed standards?
    • All Evinrude ETEC engines utilise direct injection technology which introduces the correct amount of fuel directly into the combustion chamber of the engine. This provides the most efficient means of developing power, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions more effectively than any other technology. Evinrude ETEC has been awarded three stars from the toughest emission standard in the world—the California Air Resources Board and was also the first outboard to receive the EPA’s Clean Air Technology Excellence Award. No other brand of outboards produces fewer reportable emissions than the Evinrude E-TEC family.
  • When will the new standards start?
    • The new emissions standards are anticipated to be in place by end 2017 with an adjustment period as below (this will have no effect on compliant engines including the Evinrude range):
      • 1 July 2018 – all new outboards imported into Australia from this date must be compliant
      • 1 July 2019 – any new outboards supplied to the Australian market from this date must be compliant
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