Built for marine-patrol duty Coast-guards, police departments and other security forces rely on the outstanding power, performance and durability of Evinrude outboard engines for marine-patrol duty. Outboards that will take them anywhere.

Multi-Fuel Capable

The first outboard engine ever available to the general public that’s capable of running on multiple fuel types, including kerosene, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, Jet A and Jet B as well as standard gasoline. Change fuel settings at the flip of a switch, without compromising performance.

Optional Pump Jet Propulsion

Allows the option of propulsion without a propeller, affording additional safety benefits and performance targets for a wider variety of applications. Unique design attaches a large impeller unit to a full gearcase for superior vectored thrust and performance when compared to conventional jet pumps. Evinrude Confidence MFE’s carry the same great benefits as all Evinrude outboard engines – strong performance, lasting reliability, low maintenance and lots of power. For consumers who want to do more, there’s really no other engine like it.

Stealth Design

While you may never need to worry about being detected by enemy combatants on the water, the MFE’s low reflection, tactical black paint and minimal operating sound levels ensures.

Wrap Around Handle Design

Unique handle design with special tilt assist strap makes transportation and installation quick and easy.

Proprietary De-Watering System

Lets you use your engine in the harshest environments. Take it anywhere under and in any condition.